Diodee Ambient TV Backlight

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Unleash the magic of dynamic lighting with this Ambient TV Backlight LED Strip. Enhance your home entertainment to new heights, and let the colours of your media fill your space, turning every moment into an immersive spectacle. 


HDMI Sync Technology: Link seamlessly to any HDMI source, analysing screen images and music rhythm to transmit real-time data to the LED strip behind your screen.

Dynamic Colour Matching: Watch your media as the LED strip mirrors on-screen content with instant colour matching, creating a personalised, synchronised light show.

Maximized Home Entertainment: Enhance your home entertainment experience with this game-changing innovation that immerses you in the action, thrills, and music like never before.

Customer Reviews

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Collin Howell

Works well, even blinks to music. communication with the phone through Bluetooth for some reason disappears. Although the phone is from the device maximum 3 meters. you need an HDMI device to connect.

Stephon Daugherty

The box came open and half damaged, however the product is ready to be well ..

Jannie Lang

I am very positively surprised by the effect. Works wonderfully, simple installation. I recommend it very much

Gabriella Reilly

its a solid colour the same all round, so not wanted but it was a punt order.
I'll just use the LED string with something else, or gift it to someone.
Arrived quick though.

Mollie Pouros

Ambient TV Backlight LED Strip